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Epson is a Japanese manufactured printer which is very popular due to its versatile features and ease of use. They have high-quality in-built which makes it more durable in functioning. If your Epson printer’s paper cutter doesn’t cut cleanly, then it may be blunt and require replacement. Be careful while replacing it, as it may be very sharp.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Turn on the printer; press the Menu button to enter the SelecType mode.
  2. Press up or down button to display CUTTER REPLACE on the LCD.
  3.  Press up or Down button to display Maintenance option on the LCD.
  4. Now, press the button Menu to display EXEC. This will make the paper cutter holder to the replacement position.
  5. When you see that the print head stops at the replacement position, open TOP COVER APPEARS. Now, open the top cover.
  6. When REPLACE CUTTER shows on the LCD, hold down the side pin as shown and turn the latch to the right.
  7. Leave the side pin and carefully withdraw the cutter blade.
  8. Now, discard the new paper cutter from its package.
  9.  Ensure its side pin is turned to the left.
  10.  Once this is done, push down on the side pin while turning the latch to the left.
  11.   Ensure that Close Top cover appears, and then close it. Also, make sure the paper cutter cover is installed in a correct manner; otherwise, the paper may not be cut.
  12.   Wait at least two minutes, until READY appears on the LCD.

Finally, you’re done! If you are facing severe quality related problems, unable to perform head cleaning, getting only black & White prints or your printer is not responding then connects us at Epson Printer Customer Support Number Canada +1-855-264-9333 and gets the satisfactory fixes from the top-class engineers. Not only this, customers can get in touch with us through live chat support and also from an email.

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April 11, 2018 — 9:00 am to
August 09, 2019 — 6:00 pm

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